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Inclusiveness is one of the core values that defines our culture, creating a sense of belonging and helping people know they are an important part of our team. At AdventHealth, we want everyone to feel respected and valued for who they are." -Terry Shaw, President and CEO 


It's our differences that make us stronger. 

At AdventHealth, we celebrate the diverse backgrounds, cultures and experiences for our patients, visitors and colleagues and embrace opportunities to learn and grow from new perspectives. Our team members are diverse in characteristics, values, beliefs, experiences, cultural backgrounds, preference and behaviors, life experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Finding common ground at our AdventHealth Ocala campus in West Florida


What DEI Means at AdventHealth

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Diversity: Who we are

Diversity is all of our unique differences, seen and unseen. At AdventHealth, we believe that these differences are what make us strong. We embrace the rich uniqueness of each individual, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, education, national origin, or religion. We believe that diversity in the community and in the workforce is something to be valued and cherished.​


Inclusion: What we do with it

Inclusion is the appreciation of differences, which often results in a sense of belonging. At AdventHealth, we want you to feel respected and valued for who you are. The process of inclusion involves each individual. It is all of our responsibilities to make others feel valued. Only through inclusion we can truly fulfill our mission of extending the Healing Ministry of Christ. ​​​​​​


Equity: How we know it's real

Equity is the fair treatment, access, and opportunity for all people, while at the same time striving to eliminate barriers. At AdventHealth, we recognize that tackling equity issues requires understanding the root causes of outcome disparities in our society.

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How We Are Pushing DEI Forward

Promise to our Team Members:
To build a diverse workforce at all levels and an inclusive workplace where all team members have opportunities to contribute and thrive.

Diverse Leadership
We are expanding and accelerating our ability to attract, develop, and retain qualified team members from diverse backgrounds at every level of our organization.
DEI Councils

We are creating safe, supportive local environments for continuous collaboration, innovation, feedback, and improvement on living our value of inclusiveness.

Ongoing Education

We are promoting inclusive mindsets and behaviors by investing in team member learning and development.

Promise to our Patients:
To advance equity in clinical access outcomes and experiences to empower all patients to experience wholeness — body, mind and spirit.

Health Disparities Baseline

We are establishing a current state analysis of health equity for the populations we serve.

Health Equity Plan

We are developing a strategic and operational plan to close identified gaps in data and clinical performance.

Ongoing Education

We are promoting ongoing awareness and education around health equity.

Promise to our Communities:
To foster diverse partnerships and collective actions that create and sustain health in historically marginalized communities.

Health Needs Assessment

We are aligning community benefit processes and broader strategies of health equity, diversity and inclusion, and population health.

Diverse Supplier Spend

We are establishing benchmarks to grow diverse supplier spend, contracts awarded.

Ongoing Education

We are providing education to better understand our community members and  partners.